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"Finding Hope in Christ's Love"

It shall be the purpose of Concordia Lutheran Church to SERVE GOD by the preaching of His Word and the administration of His Sacraments so that people may come to Christ, be strengthened and grow in their faiths, and thus, live lives of joyful purpose (mission) in service to God and one another.

CONCORDIA LUTHERAN WILL BE:  a congregation where everyone knows and loves the Lord, understands what He has done for us in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and seeks to live a life that will glorify Him;


A congregation where everyone loves to worship and commune regularly, study God's Word, and build each other up in the faith;


A congregation where everyone is willing to use their lives and life's resources to serve their Savior;


A congregation where everyone is willing and able to witness to their Savior in their everyday life, inviting those they meet to find in Jesus the same peace which they themselves have found;


A congregation where everyone knows what it means to pray and where everyone regularly seeks the Holy Spirit's aid, protection and wisdom, helping the congregation to live and act as God intends it;


A congregation where everyone will lovingly welcome anyone regardless of race or class who seeks to know the God of Holy Scriptures and to live as he directs us;


A congregation where everyone will seek to be a fruitful vine in the Lord's vineyard, bearing eternal fruit fo Him.